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India's best CSI Student Chapter(2012-2017)

We don't claim to be the best, we are proving it from last five years.

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Large Dedicated Family of UPES-CSI

We have a family of 1000+ dedicated students serving the UPES-CSI.

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Various Technical and Fun events

We Conduct various Technical and Fun events on regular basis.

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After the immense success of Hackathon 1.0, UPES-CSI organized yet another hackathon but with double, the time, double the energy and enthusiasm. With an event time of 48 hours, prizes worth a whooping 50k and intern from SplashBI and Data Couch, Hackathon 2.0 provided double the opportunity for all the programmers, web developers, hackers.


The overall aim of CSR is to spread a positive impact in the society. Keeping this aim in mind, UPES-CSI has established its own CSR division. Corporate social responsibility allows UPES-CSI to do their bit for the society and environment.

Through the years, the CSR division of the UPES-CSI has risen to the great heights to do their part in the upliftment of the nation. UPES-CSI organized a CSR event at the RPMV Orphanage Home, Dehradun on 23rd September 2017.


One of the most awaited events of UPES-CSI student chapter is the annual national convention –YUGMAK. This year YuGMak was based on the theme “The Magical Euphoria” which was broadly based on the Harry Potter Series.

With seven offline events, two online events and 2 workshops, YugMak was held over a span of three days from 8-10th April.


A multi-genre fest consisting a stunning fusion of technology and fun. With six-plus events for both students and faculties , UPES witnessed the hosting of the very first mini-convention organized by the UPES-CSI, titled ELYSIUM, which saw an overwhelming response from the students with the total footfall to the convention crossing 400.


iHack is among the various Flagship Events organized by UPES-CSI.It requires a lot of dedication and is quite a challenge for the best of Hackers.

While the time bomb is set for 24 hours, hackers have to go through various levels and search for clues hidden in the code of images or in the code of the website. With those hints, they have to find a way to move to the next level.

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