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"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others."

With the burning desire and enthusiasm to be different from the crowd, UPES CSI Student Chapter was established in the year 2010 and is one of the most active chapters of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. The Society focuses on Scientific and Educational programs directed towards the development of theory and practice of Computer Science and Technology. The Chapter organizes many Technical and Fun Events, Seminars, Conferences, Regional as well as National Student Convention with the sole purpose of imbibing the very motto of "CREATE, SHARE and INNOVATE" among the students ultimately bagging the 'Best Student Branch Chapter Award' five times in a row. What sets us apart from other student chapters is the passion and dedication with which we work in order to enhance our personality and skillset.

Our Work Process

1. Planning

The first and the foremost thing that everyone requires is PLANNING. We at CSI identify the hidden talents from within you and make strategies to attain those goal.

2. Research

One sets the goal to attain it, but the REASEARCH that is required to get succeeded is done by us at CSI. We provide you with all the resources to make you achieve and win that one goal, helping you stand different from others.

3. Optimising

The last step to achieve the goal is OPTIMIZATION i.e. using the proper techniques to achieve it. We at CSI help you to use the resources in an efficient way so as to produce the best work out of it.

4. Results

Every choice made has an end RESULT. Thus, combining all the efforts and the hardwork, we reach to its result, making it a successful one.

Why choose us

Join the UPES-CSI and be the best among the rest, UPES-CSI have been constantly providing an innovative environment for the brewing of young minds and guide them to achieve thier best.

India's Best CSI Student Chapter
We don't claim to be the best, we have proved it for last five consecutive years(2012-2017)
Various Technical and Fun events
Life at CSI is never sloppy. We conduct various fun and educational activities time to time like hackathon, yugmuk, mazerunner etc. with exciting prizes and a promising leisure time
Dedicated Family of UPES-CSI
We have a family of 1000+ charismatic students walking the path of success with UPES-CSI.

Glimpse of Our Events

Exclusive Events, Priceless Memories

Maze Runner

It's luck and intelligence game. It's a Maze. Hold your nerves as you will be imposed with a question at the doorstep of every room. Now, the story unfolds with your answer. You will be trapped or eliminated which is solely based on the kind of room who are heading towards. Continue answering correctly and leave your opponents behind


After the immense success of Hackathon 1.0, UPES-CSI organized yet another hackathon but with double, the time, double the energy and enthusiasm. With an event time of 48 hours, prizes worth a whooping 50k and intern from SplashBI and Data Couch, Hackathon 2.0 provided double the opportunity for all the programmers, web developers, hackers.


One of the most awaited events of UPES-CSI student chapter is the annual national convention –YUGMAK. This year YuGMak was based on the theme “The Magical Euphoria” which was broadly based on the Harry Potter Series. With seven offline events, two online events and 2 workshops, YugMak was held over a span of three days from 8-10th April.


The overall aim of CSR is to spread a positive impact in the society. Keeping this aim in mind, UPES-CSI has established its own CSR division. Corporate social responsibility allows UPES-CSI to do their bit for the society and environment. Through the years, the CSR division of the UPES-CSI has risen to great heights to do their part in the upliftment of the nation.


iHack is among the various Flagship Events organized by UPES-CSI.It requires a lot of dedication and is quite a challenge for the best of Hackers. While the time bomb is set for 24 hours, hackers have to go through various levels and search for clues hidden in the code of images or in the code of the website. With those hints, they have to find a way to move to the next level.

Our Mentor

Unsung heroes, constantly working behind the curtain to brew the success UPES-CSI is enjoying.

Vinay Avasthi
Founder Branch Co-ordinator
Ajay Rawat
Student Branch Coordinator
Shubhi Sharma
Faculty Coordinator
Nitin Arora
Faculty Coordinator

Our Team

Our Outstanding leaders go out of the way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel.

Arun Parmar
Navin Govindrasu
Vice President
Gargi Sharma
General Secretary
Sarthak Taneja
PR Head


What is UPES-CSI and what are its roles?

UPES-CSI is a student branch chapter of UPES and is a part of CSI India Student Chapter. The chapter focuses on overall development of its members by workshops, seminars, conferences, guest lectures etc.

What are benefits of joining UPES-CSI?

Being the oldest student branch chapter of UPES, CSI provides the best opportunities to its members through it’s corporate connections and strong alumni connections.

There are 15+ student chapters. Why go for UPES-CSI?

UPES-CSI was established in 2010 and is the oldest chapter in the university. It has been awarded as the best CSI Student Branch chapter in India from last 5 years.

Automated Certification

We have successfully generated more than 2000 certificates and saved that much paper.